F-35 vs F-35-How would a battle look like?

The F-35 compared with other modern jets.
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you need a UHF ground radar to get the average position in space of the opponent's F35. Then send your F35 to flank them and do a surprise attack.




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I imagine that F-35 v F-35 do train against each other. Especially in a simulator, it shouldn't be too hard to ensure that opposing F-35 squadrons can't decode each others APG-81 radar emissions. Better to have tactics in place for when China and Russia get their stealth programs further developed.

Given the F-35 has more tools than the F-22 does to detect stealth aircraft (e.g. IRST), I'd hope that it'd be more fruitful than simply 'burning fuel', but it is a big sky to search so I'm sure that it would not be very easy either.

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