4th generation USN against 5th generation USMC

The F-35 compared with other modern jets.
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geforcerfx wrote:If the marines are attacking that's a lot of fighters to have to overcome. The CVN has a larger escort, Aegis ships with SM6's and Hawkeyes in the air for radar coverage. With the ability to launch a lot of aircraft off quickly, The marines would have like 12 F-35's usually, so how do you carry enough weaponry to take down the air cover and take out the cvn? That's where I see them having problems, at most you have 48 amramms, but then no strike capability. I just don't see the F-35B being able to bring enough weaponry to that big of a fight, unless this is a maxed out amphib which would have like 20-24 F-35B's then it would at least become possible.

You don't have to do everything at once, and not everything has to be done within a few hours. Obviously this is a silly scenario of USN vs USMC since USMC assets in real life are protected by USN assets.

Once a few planes get shot down in your formation from missiles and planes you can't see, most will scrap the mission and try to live and fight another day.

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