Operational Performace Comparison: Viper, Beagle, and Stubby

The F-35 compared with other modern jets.
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wrightwing wrote:Given that F-100/110s have been tested up to ~37,500lbs of thrust, I bet F-119s could hit 50,000(or more) if TBO wasn't a consideration. That combined with a stripped Raptor=Holy Cow!!

Well, what made the Strak Eagle special was that it was an unmodified engine strapped in an unmodified airframe. It represented what the F-15 airframe powered by the Pratt and Whitney F-100 engine could do.

The P-42 is largely viewed as cheating it's way to the record books as they modified everything, even the nosecone was replaced with a lightweight material and the engines were over clocked to produce thrust levels way beyond their thrust limit. In short they did not represent the airframe/engine sciences applied to the Su-27 at all.

To me, a stripped down F-22, with no paint should be what the Streak Raptor should be.


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Excellent treatment of comparative perf here —

http://elementsofpower.blogspot.com/201 ... 2.html?m=1


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Yes, SMSGTMac's blog and Garrya's bog have been great resources

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