F-35A versus Saab Gripen NG

The F-35 compared with other modern jets.
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Unread post07 Jul 2019, 20:45

mikc wrote:
It's so nice I can get you ranting :twisted:

mikc wrote:
Now your mixing aircraft again, Gripen E is not Gripen C. It is a completely new aircraft with the same basic flight characteristics but that’s it, so why do you keep posting Gripen C stuff in this thread.

Anyway, just to get you up to speed on Auto GCAS “The Joint AFTI Sweden GCAS program was a cooperative effort between the Air Force Research Labs, NASA, and the Swedish government from 1997-1998. The Joint AFTI program had two phases. The first phase, January to October 1997, focused on nuisance criteria testing, and the second phase, July to November 1998, expanded to the full envelope Auto GCAS testing.”

Auto GCAS test.png

i.e after Gripen C IOC so I think the comparison is flawed from the beginning.

Auto GCAS was ordered by FMV as part of MS20 in 2013 and was fielded 2016 on Gripen C as part of MS20.

It’s funny you picked IOC as comparison date, for Gripen E it would be a negative number (maybe -1200 more or less) because it’s part of MS21 that flew first on the 39-9, 26 November 2018 (no I don’t think they tested it during that first flight) but it will be part of Gripen E when delivered and is part of the testprogram for now.

Gripen E AGCAS.png


First delivery of Gripen E from SAAB to FMV is 2019, first handover from FMV to SwAF is 2021 and planned IOC is 2023, IOC-date is up to the SwAF with MS21.


You get it backwards and start about the Gripen C. But but... Gripen C..Gripen C. Why is that?

Gripen E has a completely new airframe with more carbon fiber with more room for fuel, it's longer, wider, heavier, different engine, new FCS, new Mission system, new EW, AESA-radar, new countermeasures and dispenser systems, new landing gear in new position, improved data link with video, sensor fusion, new decision support system, WAD, IRST, MAVS and additional hard points, new pylons and ejectors, stealthier and faster.

In this interview Marcus Wandt (SAAB test pilot) confirmed this. Reporter asks in Swedish "Gripen E that you stand infront of looks a lot like the present Gripen. What is the difference compared to earlier aircrafts?"

He responds "Yes, it's very similar to earlier Gripen, but I would like to reverse the question, and tell you what are the same? The aerodynamic profile is the same, it's a delta wing with canards, to deal with the negative stability. General flight control principle is the same but it's a new engine, new fuel system, additional pylons, different avionics, different cockpit, different displays, all new sensors, basically everything else is new.."


I thought we covered this? your assertion is untenable. Saab themselves say youre wrong. The only thing left for you to do is either contradict them or concede. I'm happy to post this as many times as is necessary while you fail to make your argument and flail away though. Even the name would certainly be a dead giveaway, but you go right ahead, I love seeing you rant


E <----- you are here. (Each letter is a variant. This is the 5th)

Haven't seen any updates about it and LM can't take a dump without bragging about it so we would have heard about it by now.

You'd think LM just produced the 3rd prototype of a variant of the old Gripen, amiright?

And no, I can tell you first hand a lot of things don't get talked about. I've seen things that have never shown up and other things that didn't make it to the public until years later.

mikc wrote:Clean sheet? Do you always have to start from scratch? No wonder you spend so much developing new aircrafts.

You just contradicted yourself.

gideonic wrote:IMO claiming that F-22 and F-35 are pretty much the same as they "have the same aerodynamic profile" crossed the line for me (not to mention YF-22, a prototype built on existing components that shares ridiculously little with the final product)

Geewhiz he seemed so credible before too.
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Saab performed the first flight tests of the Gripen and with two aircraft flying in formation. The two prototypes 39-9 and 39-10 conducted a flight set for testing of sensors and tactical systems.

Saab has currently three Gripen and testing campaign, and the 39-10 is the first with the default structure, while the rest are copies intended for specific tests. The 39-9 is returning to campaign tactical systems, while the General control of flight 39-8.

Machine translated from: https://aeromagazine.uol.com.br/artigo/ ... _4437.html


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The best analogy of Gripen C/D -> Gripen E/F is IMHO F-18 C/D -> F-18 E/F. This is a better analogy than the F-16 block 50 -> block 70 since the E is physically different from C with a longer fuselage, significantly more internal fuel, more pylons, etc.

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