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Raytheon [F-35C] Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Missile Concept

Unread postPosted: 16 Jun 2019, 19:54
by spazsinbad
Raytheon Reveals Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Missile Concept
16 Jun 2019 Steve Trimble

"Raytheon has unveiled on the eve of the Paris Air Show a new vision for a future scramjet-powered hypersonic missile. The concept image released on Raytheon’s website reveals a waverider-like missile design powered by a relatively compact booster stage....

...“With engines built on a technology called a scramjet, the system uses a booster to reach cruising speeds,” Raytheon explains. “The missiles fly at sustained speeds above Mach 5 at certain altitudes in order to ensure the scramjet engine functions optimally.”...

...Raytheon’s work in hypersonic technology has often been overshadowed by Lockheed Martin’s more visible projects, which includes the AGM-183A, TBG and HAWC. In May, Lockheed also revealed a concept for a scramjet-powered hypersonic missile launched by an F-35C, which was described as a potential future version of HAWC for the U.S. Navy.

Graphic: "Raytheon’s new scramjet hypersonic missile is depicted here (foreground) with the company’s hypersonic Tactical Boost Glide concept." ... j7f0t.jpeg


Source: ... le-concept

Re: Raytheon [F-35C] Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Missile Con

Unread postPosted: 18 Jun 2019, 23:22
by spazsinbad
Raytheon and Northrop Team on Hypersonic Weapons
18 Jun 2019 Beth Stevenson

"Northrop Grumman (Hall 2c, D322) will serve as the scramjet combustor provider for Raytheon’s planned air-breathing hypersonic weapon, which will be tested under a U.S. Air Force and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency contract to accelerate the development of this type of munition.

The companies, which announced the partnership on Tuesday at the Paris Air Show, are working on this type of weapon for the USAF/DARPA Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) program. The aim is to develop a cruise missile in this category by applying the scramjet propulsion expertise that Northrop has developed to Raytheon’s tactical missile experience.

A scramjet engine uses high speed to forcibly compress incoming air before combustion to produce hypersonic flight speeds, enabling the weapon to travel as quickly and effectively as possible. Hypersonic weapons—ones that travel at least Mach 5—are of great interest to militaries, largely because they can travel over further distances in a quicker timeframe, increasing the stand-off range and the chance of mission success.

HAWC is designed to test technologies and is expected to result in flight tests on board the B-52 bomber later this year. Exact speeds of the planned weapon were not disclosed...."

Graphic: ... onic_0.gif


Source: ... ic-weapons

Re: Raytheon [F-35C] Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Missile Con

Unread postPosted: 18 Jun 2019, 23:58
by citanon
According to defense news, all the parts on the NG scramjet will be 3D printed.

Re: Raytheon [F-35C] Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Missile Con

Unread postPosted: 31 Jul 2019, 22:57
by citanon
Peripherally relevant: NG VP talks about defeating hypersonics