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Re: F-35 operators start switching to AIM-9X Block II+

Unread postPosted: 03 Aug 2019, 01:47
by element1loop
timmymagic wrote:(9X and legacy Asraam use the same seeker, but Asraam CSP is getting a new one).

AFAIK, RAAF switched to 9X with IR pod with the Growler (SH doesn't carry ASRAAM) after concerns about DRFM jamming of AIM-120 during the Libya conflict, in 2011. All AIM-120 production halted at that point from FY2012 (until FY2015), apparently until any such vulnerability had been tested and eliminated.

I expect the ASRAAM-CSP seeker replacement has more to do with improving fire-'n-forget on Typhoon (i.e. fire 'n run from further out because they can see you) than the F-35B as the combo of an improved DAS sensor plus EOTS upgrade and datalink-support more than accomplishes the navigation and the ideal homing needs of an AIM-9X-3 on the F-35A/B/C. Your assumption about the respective BVR range compared to AIM-9X-3 is also questionable because the F-35s can get into a better firing position unseen, and make full use of a high-altitude lofted trajectory to maximize the range on an un-alerted target.

AIM-9X Block II Plus (AIM-9X-3)
The Block II+ is made on the same production line as the regular Block II. This variant is intended to satisfy the requirements of 5th generation aircraft like the F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) with enhanced aircraft survivability features.

So the relevant question for RAAF is will carrying ASRAAM on F-35A decrease the VLO advantages compared to carrying AIM-9X-3?