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Re: SDB II Scores Hits in Flight Tests

Unread postPosted: 24 Aug 2019, 23:50
by marauder2048
squirrelshoes wrote:
weasel1962 wrote:and if really, really don't like the site, there's always the JSOW-A with the nasty BLU-97s. Not sure whether the JSOW-A are integrated but the F-35 is supposed to be able to internally carry JSOWs. ER version for legacies which can launch way outside of the S-series envelope.

There was actually someone on here awhile back saying this wouldn't be a threat to a modern AA gun system since it would just shoot down all 144 submunitions. :D

You need 9 BLU-97s per 1000 sq ft. for a .85 probability of hit (not kill) with the shape charge on a vehicle that's 200 sq ft.
JSOW-A was never flown on trajectories to achieve that density. And if you actually have to accommodate the possibility
that a mobile target might relocate the submunition density is really quite low or the weapons expenditure is

Re: SDB II Scores Hits in Flight Tests

Unread postPosted: 25 Aug 2019, 00:06
by marauder2048
squirrelshoes wrote:How do you know the defense is more likely to do anything a certain way? Are there examples of an IADS defending a high value target choosing to not engage a potentially devastating incoming missile with their best weapons as soon as the incoming threat is spotted?

GWI: the Iraqis spotted TLAM pretty early but only engaged it with MANPADS because the intended
target area (Baghdad) was predictable.