US Army's proposed Drone Delivery System

Sub-scale and Full-Scale Aerial Targets and RPAs - Remotely-Piloted Aircraft
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What better way to deliver drone swarms to the battle area without calling the Air Force? :) ... ith-drones

The US Army Wants a Missile Filled With Drones

The US Army wants a missile capable of releasing a cluster of drones during flight in order to hit multiple targets.

After being released from the missile, the payload of “quad-copters” would decelerate, identify targets, land on the targets and detonate attached munitions, which the solicitation calls “explosively formed penetrators (EFP).”

“The ultimate goal is to produce a missile deployable, long range UAS swarm that can deliver small EFPs to a variety of targets. This will serve as a smart augmentation to the standard missile warhead,” according to the Department of Defense request.
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