RQ-4N/MQ-4C Shot Down

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Unread post24 Jun 2019, 01:09

Honestly, looking more and more like a conflict is all but inevitable. As the US is going to place even more sanctions on Iran starting tomorrow. Which, means Iran is likely to push the envelope even further.



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Unread post24 Jun 2019, 20:11

Cyber attacks are fleeting unless they are used in conjunction with kinetic operations such as the Israeli attack of the Syrian nuclear site. They also expose the tool to being neutralized. You cannot go back to it and use it in a another attack like with cruise missiles because your adversary usually find a way to plug the security hole.

Stuxnet was probably the most successful cyber attack, destroying a number of Iran's enrichment centrifuges. It allegedly destroyed 1/5 of Iran's centrifuges. It's is likely that a kinetic attack would have had a greater impact.


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Unread post25 Jun 2019, 03:28

Its quite ironic that the RQ-4 almost got retired in 2013 and yet its still on the frontlines today. Same goes with the U-2.

I'm also surprised it hasn't re-sparked the U-2 vs GH debate. If that was a manned U-2 shot down, it wouldn't be a cyber-attack going Iran's way.

Checking GH inventory. 45 GH built. 7 Blk 10, 6 Blk 20, 21 Blk 30, 11 Blk 40. At least 9 accidents, 5 for the blk 10, 2 Blk 20 and the rest Blk 30/40 not counting the latest shoot down which is probably a blk 30. The Blk 10s are no longer in service. The blk 20 are converted to EQ-4s so that leaves ~29.

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