US pilot killed in Su-27 crash in Ukraine

Military aircraft accidents/mishaps.
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Unread post16 Oct 2018, 21:31 ... raine.html
The pilot of a United States Air National Guard was killed Tuesday when the Ukranian Su-27UB fighter jet crashed in west-central Ukraine field, according to Ukrainian General Staff reports.

A Ukrainian Su-27UB twin-seat combat trainer / fighter jet with two pilots crashed during a training exercise on Tuesday.

The accident occurred at around 5:00 PM local time on Oct. 16, 2018, near the village of Ulaniv, which is situated approximately 185 miles southwest of the Ukranian capital Kyiv.

Also reported that both the pilot and co-pilot have been killed after a Su-27UB (70 Blue) fighter jet crashed during a Clear Sky 18 training flight in west-central Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the bodies of two pilots were found: one was a pilot of the Ukrainian Air Forces, the second – a US Air Force National Guard pilot.

RIP :(


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Unread post17 Oct 2018, 03:59

Sad indeed... :(


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Long time ago, I was in the back seat with a barely English speaking pilot.

Take off was normal.
Gear UP => And we went down.
Stayed DOWN (below landing gear height) for the next 30 minutes or so flashing through his motherland at crazy km/hr on the dial.

Then came the voice over the Intercom.
"You fly?".

Me : "Yes".

"You have, and """brabbel-brabbel-brabbel""" to 50 meters (that is 150 ft including taxes).

Churches are to fly around.
Tension cables to fly under.

After what seemed like weeks, a yank on the stick with a; "I have"", and level at 15;000 for return.
A circuit that would get you in Jail any day of the month.
And more landings then fingers on my hands(from the single landing attempt) before the thing finally decided to drop on the rwy.

My friend was less lucky.
No crash but his return was without vertical tail. (They recovered it from a building crane).

First years after the Cold war, first visit to the East.

When we left, the A/C went in shelters and stored, because the fuel for a year was used during our 5 day visit.

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