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Would someone post the link to the site where one can access the past few years of AF mishap reports? My old link doesn't work.

And if the Navy/USMC has something similar, please post that too.

Edit: I believe the title should be AIB, not SIB.


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USN/USMC does not, as far as I know. The equivalent of the AIB you are referring to here, is the JAGMAN investigation. You can get USN/USMC JAGMANs through FOIA request, but they are not readily provided anywhere. USAF Safety Investigation reports are privileged and non-releasable, just like USN/USMC SIR's…… the actual mishap investigation that is released to the fleet. Most of the time, the two types of reports generally mirror one another, but on occasion, the findings are very different. Main difference there being that safety investigations are acknowledged to be privileged from the start and conducted by aircrew headed by a senior aviator with a safety school background, and the interviews and such are conducted with that premise. AIB or JAGMANs are lawyer interviews for possible legal proceedings/lawsuits/etc, and the members of such investigations often have much more varied backgrounds and don't have access to the facts or findings of the actual mishap investigation.


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