Ukrainian Air Force exercise with SU-27 road landing

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On 27 August, Ukrainian Air Force fighter jets have practiced for rough landings on improvised runways, as a part of trials to use roads for emergency landings and to demonstrate the capability to swiftly assemble air power to counter any threat.

Two Sukhoi Su-27 heavy fighter jets of the Ukrainian Air Force landed on the main road connecting the capital, Kyiv, with Chop on Thursday. In the footage below, published by numerous witnesses on social media, you can see Su-27s performing their drills on what is known as Highway M06, a Ukrainian international highway connecting Kyiv to the Hungarian border near Chop. One of the fighter jets miscalculated the landing point and almost landed on the head of people and police cars. The Su-27 fighter also knocked down a road sign during landing, which could lead to a fatal crash.

Nice picture of SU-27 with a road sign nicely attached to the fighter. :doh:
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HOT LINKING not allowed on that website for the road sign image so it is attached below from: ... 2590_o.jpg
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A hammer to remove the sign and a strip of tape to cover the hole. Okay guys, we're ready for takeoff.


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madrat wrote:A hammer to remove the sign and a strip of tape to cover the hole. Okay guys, we're ready for takeoff.

It's a good thing they build their planes... like tanks. :)

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