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Cold war, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm - up to and including for example the A-10, F-15, Mirage 200, MiG-29, and F-18.
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Mig29 heyday was a very brief period from 1986 to 1991 basically the last yrs of cold war , this is when a sizable number of fulcrum gave the VVS a leg up over the F4 mirage f1 and F16s it faced in europe.
With the introduction of AIM120 all the advantages of fulcrum vanished and it explains why russian airforce dropped it in favor of flankers
It was never a multirole fighter and like mentioned above was essentially a 3rd gen fighter under the skin with the looks of a 4th gen aircraft.I feel like it was just a little more sophisticated Mig-21bis , not to underestimate the bis but it had essentially the same role and it was well equipped to do that in the waning yrs of the cold war.


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Greets, I think the 29 was probably viable for a longer period especially with the upgrades. Once cueing was installed, that also made it a more lethal platform to tangle with and was not fun.

Everybody I talked with, including East German pilots ( and rightfully so , were very proud of those mounts and what they could do with them) explained that the 29 had one glaring flaw that it never had thirsty engines which made it have very short legs..................

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