MiG-23ML Analysis

Unread postPosted: 01 Sep 2019, 15:17
by basher54321
Analysis of Soviet flight manual data on the MiG-23ML with some comparisons against data from US flight manuals data for aircraft of that era.

The MiG-23ML was a second generation MiG-23 with a different lightened and higher stressed airframe for better performance. It should represent one of the best performing MiG-23s.

The French author has been flight modelling for many years.

http://www.checksix-fr.com/mig-23ml-fli ... ification/

Re: MiG-23ML Analysis

Unread postPosted: 02 Sep 2019, 13:56
by mixelflick
Thanks for posting this, always wondered what the Mig-23 was capable of.

Air combat tells us it was among the worst of Soviet designs, and I believe many a former Soviet front line unit would concur. Still, it had its strong points. Too few though to make a difference, and even well flown models in Iraqi service were thoroughly trounced in Desert Storm. It just never had the right stuff IMO. Sidewinder and Sparrow fodder for F-14's, 15's and 16's around the world...

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Unread postPosted: 03 Sep 2019, 12:06
by hornetfinn
MiG-23 is definitely a very interesting aircraft. I think one major reason for less than stellar record is that it came quite late, 10 years later than F-4. But instead it went to service just a few years before F-14/15/16 and F-4s were already upgraded with very good avionics and systems. Mig-23 seemed to have advantage over Mirage F1 in Angola in late 1980s. Of course SAAF Mirages had only IR guided missiles.

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Unread postPosted: 03 Sep 2019, 23:44
by viper12
How dare you introduce a paper with some calculus ? I've seen some guys on these forums claiming to be aeronautical engineers have a heart attack when asked to do basic aerodynamics/physics/calculus. :twisted:

At least he didn't explicitely say the unit for the turn rate on page 9 so we can still have a good laugh when confronting these idiots. :mrgreen:

Re: MiG-23ML Analysis

Unread postPosted: 05 Sep 2019, 23:47
by viper12
Actually, there's a typo in the PDF.

A quick dimensional analysis shows that on page 9, omega and R don't have the right units, and these should be :

omega = [g*sqrt(N^2 - 1)]/V
R = V^2/[g*sqrt(N^2 - 1)]

Re: MiG-23ML Analysis

Unread postPosted: 08 Sep 2019, 07:34
by laos
Polish air forces had at the same time in the 90s MiG-23 and MiG-21 and preferred to withdraw MiG-23 and continue to operate MiG-21 until the introduction of the F-16. The MiG-23 had tragic ergonomics for the pilot.