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I'm working on a project for DCS world(an F-16 mod).

I can't find anywhere what is the travel of the following parts of the aircraft:
1.Rudder- max degrees travel left/right.
2.Elevators-max degrees travel up/down.
3.aileailerons-max degrees travel up/down.
4.Leading edge flaps-max degrees travel up/down.
5.Nose wheel steering- max degrees travel left/right.

Thanks in advance
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Rudder max deflection 30/30. Ailerons down 21and up 23 Stabilators -21 /+21.These are max deflection but at low speed.At higher Mach the numbers are low: like 12degrees for ailerons , rudder only 8 degrees and for rolling the stabilators deployment is differential up and down- alongside with the ailerons deflection.Flaperons 20 degrees down and for leveling the wings in landing pattern only one will go upward and other one don't move at all .The LEF's 25 down and 2 degrees ,but don't forget the ailerons -rudder interconnect when the aircraft is rolling.

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