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Unread post28 Dec 2018, 19:28

Good old games has there falcon pack on sale for $4.99

Falcon Collection includes the following:
- Falcon
- Falcon A.T.
- Falcon Gold (featuring the complete collection of updated versions of Falcon 3.0 , MiG-29, Operation: Fighting Tiger and Art of the Kill dogfighting video)
- Falcon 4.0 (version 1.08, Windows only, added as a part of the bonus goodies pack)


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Unread post29 Dec 2018, 03:50

From there BMS is a free upgrade

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Unread post30 Dec 2018, 14:08

Mandatory trailer :

Sadly, the GOG package lacks the Art of the Kill video.

Good thing Pete Bonanni's mustache (unlike his VA ANG picture as a general) has been preserved :

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