93rd FS / 482nd FW - "Florida Makos".

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Elite 2K

Elite 2K

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Unread post23 Apr 2009, 11:06

Thanks Niels!!

I just went through Your Photobucket album - WOW, what nicely build models!!




Elite 1K

Elite 1K

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Unread post23 Apr 2009, 14:55

Thanks bro :D

Currently in the process of refurbishing some older models, plan to photograph them and put them up aswell - it'll take a little while still, though


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Active Member

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Unread post12 Aug 2013, 10:31

Nice Build. I must say that this is one of the best models that I have seen. That really shows the amount of time you spent on making the model I would recommend this to anybody. The pieces are formed and fit with an amazing amount of precision and this turned out to be a beautiful model.

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