What would the next generation of large airliner look like?

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Unread post06 Jul 2015, 01:40

So what will a next generation civilian passenger airliner look like?

The general outer mold line for airliners has been roughly the same since the 50's / 60's.

A streamlined tubular fuselage, two main wings, a rudder, two elevators, engines mounted on nacelles

I know that the internal design / materials / mechanical parts / "Everything internally" has changed drastically over time.
But what about the outer shape?

The only thing I can predict with my knowledge of Aircraft / Aerospace / Airline industry is that the next generation airliner will all be twin engine configurations. That's about the only constant I'm willing to bet on.

But is there a chance for airliners to have a V-tail configuration over the traditional rudder & two elevators?

I believe the V-tail configuration has the best chance of making it out onto a production airliner from either Airbus or Boeing.

The V-tail is fairly well understood, the weight / drag reductions / fuel savings could be significant.

The logistics change wouldn't be that significant compared to some wacky new tail configuration.

There would definitely need to be some pilot training updates, but that is to be expected when you make a significant change.

What are your thoughts from the guys who understand this kind of stuff on a deeper technical level?

If a pure V-tail wouldn't offer the proper fuel savings, maybe mixing in the V-tail into a Three-surface configuration might solve that issue?



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Unread post06 Jul 2015, 10:17

With all the stall/spin accidents we have been having lately, I wonder why nobody goes the canard way....

And yes a "V" tail is better then a default or "T" tail.

So why not combine them both.

A "V" canard, complemented with rudders (that could double as speed brakes) on the main wings ends.


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Unread post06 Jul 2015, 12:40

Vitters, you want downward v-shaped canard layout like on Typhoon, but for an airliner??

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