How do you defeat/work through jamming?

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I remember reading a piece which said that a radar that was getting jammed needed time to work through the jamming it was receiving. Unfortunately, I don't have the source but it makes me wonder what working through the jamming would actually entail.

Presuming that both the jammer and jammee are using frequency agile transmitters, how would a jammee work through jamming?

Any idea on how much time that could take with equal technology levels?

Let's say I'm in an F-16, you're operating an S-300, you spot, identify and start locking on to me. I start jamming you both before and after the launch. What do you do?


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Such discussions would normally involve classified information so don't expect much public details. That's 101 for those who serve or have served.

There are sites that provide basic information and that is itself just a fraction of what I know from experience 20 years ago. Nevertheless, can still be interesting. ... ic-warfare

On time taken to handle jamming, it can be instantaneous to never, so pretty much useless to highlight. Troops can be (or are) trained to operate in high EW scenarios. Some units get more training than others so it also depends on the unit.
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DARPA has an initiative on developing 'cognitive EW' capability.

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