NASA YF-16 & YF-17 model testing

Military aircraft - Post cold war aircraft, including for example B-2, Gripen, F-18E/F Super Hornet, Rafale, and Typhoon.
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I found these 2 vids on the YF-16 and YF-17 by NASA. Pretty interesting.... ... r_embedded ...


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Unread post04 Sep 2018, 14:48

Looks like the YF-17 was the clear winner there.

Likely the only part of the envelope where it was better. The F-16 sure out-performed it everywhere else, and the air force certainly made the right choice. The Navy got sloppy seconds, LOL.


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In the flight testing of the YF-16 and YF-17, everything was looking in favor of the Cobra in the test results.

They had both sets of test pilots switch planes so there wouldn't be bias built into the program.

There was a feeling that the YF-17 had it in the bag before they went out to Nevada Test Ranges, to fly against the MiG-21 as part of HAVE Doughnut.

3 aspects of the HAVE Doughnut exploitation showed the YF-16 to be clearly better:

1. Roll Rate allowed quick reversals when defensive.

2. The YF-16 was hard to see WVR before and after crossing the 3-9 line, and was visually deceptive as to its orientation relative to threat air in oblique aspect, because it was hard to see if it was approaching or pointed away.

3. Visibility from the cockpit was better from the YF-16, although they both had exceptional visibility. With the YF-16's reclined seat, the pilot didn't have to work as hard to look over his shoulder after a merge or when defensive from a rear aspect approach, and could maintain visual contact better.

When they took the combined feedback from the test pilots and the HAVE Doughnut Red Eagles pilots, it was clear the YF-16 was the superior WVR fighter.

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