Lockheed to offer Japan advanced F-22 F-35 hybrid?

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knowan wrote:
marsavian wrote:What will be the effective range of these laser weapons and good luck on trying to achieving this effective distance with a plane twice as fast as you.

Specific distances are unknown, but charts I posted some pages back say 'long-range' for anti-aircraft usage with a few hundred kW lasers, while megawatt range lasers are capable against ballistic missiles and other hypersonic targets at long range.
Lasers of that power are unlikely to be used onboard tactical aircraft anytime soon, but Navy ships and land installations will likely have weapons of that power in the coming decades.

Given such lasers are effective anti-missile weapons too, there might be some significant changes to air and missile warfare when such weapons become widespread.

It does not have to be individual lasers. It's a mistake to think about this in terms of single-laser performances. If multiple aircraft or multiple ships or ground lasers are d/l connected to a target's precision-data track in real-time, there's nothing to stop them auto-coordinating a kill, using multiple lasers, to overcome degradation or range attenuation factors. Those factors can be measured by the lasers, and the system could prioritize and schedule the targets for lasing, and the number of lasers needed to get the required effects auto-determined given the prevailing conditions and range. Done and communicated in under a second. Such a system could hand-off a target to another network of lasers (if a target moves out of range) to complete the engagement.

Lasers will be coming and their range-depleted energy will SUM to a NET-amount that will be effective.
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Corsair1963 wrote:I've been saying this about both the F-15X and the so-called F-22/F-35 Hybrid for sometime now. Yet, the local expert know more!


Well I'd rather believe the experts on the article itself

https://www.defensenews.com/digital-sho ... lian-says/
Experts who spoke with Defense News said it’s very likely that the Air Force intends to keep its focus on ramping up F-35 production for the time being, but that alternative platforms could very well be considered in future years.

However, it is the F-22/F-35 hybrid, not the F-15X, that they believe stands a better chance of being adopted by the Air Force.

Defense One, which broke the story about Lockheed’s hybrid offer, wrote that the proposed jet would involve taking the F-22 airframe and outfitting it with some of the F-35’s more advanced mission systems, though some structural changes could also be involved.

“Every F-22 hybrid or derivative I’ve seen has been great,” said Rebecca Grant, a defense analyst with IRIS independent Research.

The Air Force is in great need of such a stealthy air superiority aircraft because it only procured 183 F-22s, she said. Its other plane that specializes in the air-to-air fight, the F-15C/D, was originally fielded in the 1970s.

Grant said she interprets Wilson’s dismissal of the F-22/F-35 hybrid as a reflection of near-term requirements and priorities, noting that “job one is acquiring the F-35.” But in the future, that jet could be what the service decides it needs to contend with current and future threats.

David Deptula, the dean of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Power Studies and a retired Air Force lieutenant general, agreed that the service should continue buying F-35s for the time being.

However, the F-22/F-35 hybrid might be a good option for the service in the future, when it begins looking for a next-generation air superiority jet, which the Air Force has variously called Penetrating Counter Air and Next Generation Air Dominance.

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