Another Eurofighter crashed today - This time in Spain

Military aircraft - Post cold war aircraft, including for example B-2, Gripen, F-18E/F Super Hornet, Rafale, and Typhoon.
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You can read it here: ... e-Albacete

and here: ... ing-pilot/

And according to the last link (just above) this is the third deadly crash of a Eurofighter in a month. :shock:

The pilot was unfortunately, killed. :(


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Unread post12 Oct 2017, 23:28

:( :( :salute:

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Unread post13 Oct 2017, 03:59

Sad news :|


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Unread post13 Oct 2017, 08:31

Seems like all these recent crashes have been due to really bad luck. It sadly also seems like EF Typhoon crashes have very often lead to fatalities.

RIP to all those pilots! :salute:


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AGCAS - penny wise, pound foolish.
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Subsequently Spain's F/A-18 also... :( :( ... ing-pilot/
Spanish Hornet Crashes During Take Off From Torrejon Air Base Killing Pilot
Oct 17 2017
By David Cenciotti
The Spanish Air Force has just suffered another deadly accident: an EF-18 Hornet from Ala 12.It’s The 12th Major Incident Involving A Hornet In The Last 17 Months.
Just five days after losing a Eurofighter Typhoon at Albacete, the Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force) has suffered another accident this morning, when an EF-18 Hornet belonging to the Ala 12 crashed during take off from its homebase at Torrejon Air Base, near Madrid.

According to the Spanish MoD, the pilot was killed in the crash.
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Unread post17 Oct 2017, 16:04

What is happening? Is there some correlation between all these crashes? I can't think of any.
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'Bad things happen in threes' as the saying goes,
"When a fifth-generation fighter meets a fourth-generation fighter—the [latter] dies,”
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