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Military aircraft - Post cold war aircraft, including for example B-2, Gripen, F-18E/F Super Hornet, Rafale, and Typhoon.
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marsavian wrote:
The official added: “For us, the whole point is that we want to own it. We are trying to become an independent defence producer. We don’t want restrictions imposed by outsiders.”

Develop it yourself then. Seriously what's with India, Turkey, South Korea etc wanting help on a single project and then wanting the propietary IP that went into that help. Why should an external supplier help create a future competitor over just one deal. This infantile thinking is pure comedy.

Probably Russia's biggest competitive advantage.
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Unread post23 Jan 2019, 15:55

So, a few decades after its first flight, they are gonna build a plastic F-22 photocopy. :devil:

The Brists will knot "yes, yes, yes, yes", to any proposal, as long as they can provide the engines. LOL. :devil:

And then turn to Germany and France to build the: "Real European 6th gen". :P

It's called : Getting a free learning curve. :doh: Before doing the real work.
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Unread post20 Jun 2019, 15:08


Best shot I've seen yet of the mock up.. Strong resemblance to the American Raptor
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