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Military aircraft - Post cold war aircraft, including for example B-2, Gripen, F-18E/F Super Hornet, Rafale, and Typhoon.
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To B[-21] or not to B[e]

While speaking at the Air Force Association’s Air, Space and Cyber Conference, Donovan remarked on the Air Force’s B-21 program noting, “the development of the B-21 Raider is on schedule and the first test aircraft is under production at the same production facility in Palmdale, California, as its predecessor, the B-2. The first flight of the Raider will take it from Palmdale to Edwards AFB, where the legacy of excellence will continue with the reactivation of the 420th Flight Test Squadron.”

Source: https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display ... locations/
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B-21 First Flight In 2021 Not Likely

WASHINGTON: Will the B-21 bomber make its first flight in December 2021, as the Air Force Vice-Chief announced last month? “I wouldn’t bet on that date,” Randall Walden, director of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office (AFRCO).

While the end-of-’21 first flight suggested by Gen. Stephen Wilson is the “earliest” possible date, Walden told an Air Force Association audience this morning, the B-21 is unlikely to fly so soon...

Overall, he said the program is making good progress. It completed its design review last year, and the first test vehicle is now in production at Northrop Grumman’s Palmdale facility in California.

“I won’t go into a lot of detail about how far along we are, but suffice it to say we are working the production line,” he said, although he did note that the line was producing “big parts.”

“We’re getting ready to ty to accept that first airplane coming out,” Walden said.

Walden reiterated the Air Force’s current plan to build “a minimum of a hundred” B-21s. “The production line should be able to handle that easily,” he said, adding that, “based on the timing, if we wanted to ramp up or build more, we could go do that depending on what the nation needs.”

As Breaking D readers know, the Air Force has been signaling that more B-21s are likely. Air Force Global Strike Commander Gen. Timothy Ray last month made a point of citing a study showing a need for 225 bombers in total — 50 more than the current plan that would see a force comprised of 100 B-21s and 75 B-52s.

https://breakingdefense.com/2019/10/b-2 ... -unlikely/
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Beat me. :doh: 8) :)

Air Force Leader Shares Details on B-21 Bomber


By Mandy Mayfield nationaldefensemagazine.org

Concept Art: Nothrop Grumman

The Air Force’s secretive B-21 Raider bomber effort is making progress as prime contractor Northrop Grumman builds the program’s first test jet at its Palmdale, California, facility, said one official Oct. 24.

“Today we do have an airplane in there that would be our test jet number one,” said Randall Walden, director and program executive officer for the Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office, which is spearheading the program. “I won't go into a lot of detail [on] how far along we are, but suffice it to say, ... we're working the production line literally today.” Walden noted that “big parts” are currently being manufactured at the facility, but did not disclose which specific components are being built.

... The earliest flight date could take place in December 2021. However, he said he would not bet on it. ...

... The Air Force plans to hold a public event next year to roll out the B-21 prior to its first flight, Walden said. In hopes of keeping the bomber on its current schedule trajectory, the service is focused on maintaining the aircraft's major design plans, Walden said.

“Requirements is probably the number one thing — if you don't have stable requirements, that's going to drive a lot of” delays, he said. “In fact, the chief of staff of the Air Force is the only guy who changes the requirements on the model.”

The Air Force plans to purchase at least 100 new stealth bombers, which will be capable of carrying nuclear or conventional weapons. Earlier this year, Gen. Stephen “Seve” Wilson, the Air Force’s vice chief of staff, said a critical design review for the program was conducted earlier this year and the service was working on software integration.

— Additional reporting by Connie Lee

https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org ... b21-bomber
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