The Chicken is Crossing the Road Again

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BMT chicken road crossing rules: All chickens will halt and look both ways before crossing the road; if in a flight of more than 5, the chicken in command will halt traffic so chickens can safely cross said road; and if in a flight of 13 or more, road-guard chickens will post until all chickens in the flight have successfully crossed.
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Odyssey Dawn Chicken Quotes:

Obama Chicken: Well, we crossed the road, what do we do now?

Momar Kadafi Chicken: Look at all the chickens crossing the road!

USN/USMC Pilot Chickens: Thinking of Odyssey Dawn, was the name of
that dancer at TopGun?

USAF Pilot Chickens: Thinking of Odyssey Dawn, what was the name of
that dancer at Red Flag?

Dutch Air Force Pilot Chickens: Ditto

Royal Norway AF Pilots Chickens : Ditto

Italian Air Force Pilot Chickens: Ditto

Canadian Arm Forces Pilot Chickens: Ditto

Royal Air Force Pilot Chickens: Ditto

French Air Force Pilot Chickens: Whats Red Flag? (Hey at least the French
Chicken crossed the road and bombed a
Trainer. They have to start some where!)


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Here's something for Fisk if he's still around... ... 42927.html



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Just finished preflight on my 2nd coffee, OL, thanks for the link. :-)

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