Fighter Pilot Songs

Unread postPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 04:42
by Snooze
What's up everyone. My name is Snooze and I'm new to this whole internet chat thing.

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone out there know that me and another viper driver have put together a CD of completely original fighter pilot songs that we wrote while in OIF. Our band is called Dos Gringos and the CD is "Live at the Sand Trap". You may have heard a few of our songs traversing the net as mp3s. If anyone is interested in this CD, please go to All the info you need is at that site, plus you can listen to samples of the songs.

WARNING!! - Our songs contain explicit lyrics and are not meant for children under 18 or anyone else who is easily offended.

Unread postPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 05:39
by JR007

Glad you pudknockers know of Weed. Got a bottle in the freezer!!! It is Sierra Hotel, know doubt. You up on the story of finding two redheads, searching for a Rhino crash site, and finding Weed story?


Unread postPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 05:41
by mohody
Finally, I found you guys!!!! "I'm A Pilot" has been floating around base for a while now, but when I do a search for Dos Gringos all I get is a mariachi band! That song F$%*&n rocks! I just heard the demos of the other songs, I'm definitely getting a CD as soon as I get my problems worked out with activating my PayPal account.

Thanks for posting this on!


Unread postPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 05:51
by elp
Sounds great Snooze. You'll be in good company here. Welcome to the forum. Don't forget us little people when you go out on tour LMAO. :D :D

First of all thats really REALLY good music. Lots of talent. I don't have anything against strong language for the purpose, but your music is so damn good it doesn't need it. Again really great sound. ( When I was little my mom took me to hear the communist/socialist folk singer Pete ) Sounds a bit like him. But your stuff is better and you aren't damn commies LOL.

Well done. I'll be ordering a CD soon.

Unread postPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 09:11
by Habu
:lol: :lol: :lol:

This is great stuff!!!
Never heard anything like it before, excellent!

Unread postPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 14:33
by Pound13
Hey Snooze,

That's some really funny stuff! Never heard songs like that before. The language makes it even funnier! I'll have to get this CD. I'll have to tell all my freinds to get it too.
Be sure to make another CD!


Unread postPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 16:16
by heatseeker
Great check's in the mail.

Unread postPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 21:16
by mohody
Are maintainers invited too?!?!?!

Unread postPosted: 30 Jan 2004, 01:53
by Snooze
JR, yeah I read the story of Weed in the Sierra Hotel book about flyin fighters in the 70's. Although I personally like all the BS stories like the eagle guys who flew to the factory and filled their external tanks with it - I don't know where that one started.

And to mohody - damn right maintainers are invited, don't see why not. "I'm a Pilot" was written for 'em. I hope the maintainers realize that song is us pilots poking fun at ourselves (sts). I've heard of some guys getting really peeved at that song.

Unread postPosted: 30 Jan 2004, 03:29
by mohody
I came from the active duty, 34th at Hill to be exact so I know all about the pod stuff. I laughed my a$$ off!!! I didn't get to know the pilots all that well while on active duty, but I did 2 years of sitting alert at our detachment at Langley AFB and I can honsestly say I can see where some will laugh and some will take offense(because they're the ones you're poking fun at!). Keep up the good work, by the way can you elaborate more on the story of "Weed"?


Unread postPosted: 30 Jan 2004, 03:32
by Gums

Oh yeah, warms the sedimentary layers (Triassic or Jurassic at latest) of my crusted heart.

Meanwhile, how about a few refrains from the Viet Era:

From the 'Nail" song,

"Dear Mom, your son is dead, he bought the farm today
He crashed his OV-10 on Ho Chi Minh's highway,
It was a rocket pass, and then he busted his as&^%, Hmmmm, Hmmmm, Hmmmm>'

Then the morbid F-100 troops' song ....( to the tune of a Christmas/Halloween song, something about people and a town....)

"Spray the town and kill the people,
Kill them with your poison gas,
Watching them throwing up their breakfast,
as you make your second pass,"

and on.......

Then there were the Ranch Hands who sprayed agent orange( and purple, until now secret).

The tune was 'Shine on Harvest Moon", but some of the words were....

" Spray on, spray on harvest rice.. nuh nah nuh nah,
Isn't killing harvest nice?"

Their motto was " Only WE can prevent forests!"

Gasp!!! Guess we all lost our sense of humanity between rocket attacks and getting hosed every mission.

Would still like to see this thread moved. Also try to keep it less vulgar.

tired, old warrior sends...........

Unread postPosted: 30 Jan 2004, 06:19
by JR007
He got right on the horn and gave the desk a call...

He said he'd mark the spot, where that f()%!#& truck was parked... Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm...
And then there's - The S & M Man, all how many versus?
What about - I once new a maiden named Adaline Schmidt…
What about - I f()%*@ an wh#$^ by the roadside, I knew right away she was dead…

FUB - Fully Unbelievable!

Thanks, Gums! I couldn’t resist!!! You keep this up, and I’ll have to dig out my songbook.

I believe this picture would be appropriate here...

Fly Fast, Life Is Short, and I Ain’t Getting Any Younger…


Unread postPosted: 30 Jan 2004, 19:55
by elp
The critics are already speaking out on the hot new band "Dos Gringos"....

Take a look.... ... .php?p=3#3


Unread postPosted: 01 Feb 2004, 09:06
by TC
JR, is that T-Bird yours? I got to see the last T-Birds leave Tyndall back in 87. Very, very sad time. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a single T-33 fly since, and that's nearly been 20 years now. I heard some guy that flew a T-Bird in airshows, was killed recently in a mishap. Perhaps someone can elaborate more on that one. Bad enough I guess that the guy had to go, but he had to take a T-Bird with him. What a crime. Oh yeah, maybe Gums knows this one. A song from Nam called something like "I Don't Wanna Fly in an F-105." It was written, of course, by some Phantom Phlyers. I used to know the lyrics. One of the funniest pilot songs ever written.

Dos Gringos

Unread postPosted: 19 Jun 2005, 06:58
by viperman26
Just descovered these guys. No, I haven't been living in a cave, I'm just not in the AF. Funny, Funny, $h*t!! So, whats the deal with these guys? Pilots? Chiefs? Went to their site, and there it's not much saying what they do.


EDIT: I'm a retard. I as just looking at this old post. keep up the good work Snooze and Trip! Got the CD "2" awesome stuff guys!

RE: Dos Gringos

Unread postPosted: 20 Jun 2005, 11:42
by goatmilk
viperman26, Dos Gringros were/are two viper drivers, Snooze, the man himself who started this thread, and Trip i believe is his partner in crime.

RE: Dos Gringos

Unread postPosted: 20 Jun 2005, 16:00
by experimental_pilot
Hey, where can I hear the demo songs?

RE: Dos Gringos

Unread postPosted: 20 Jun 2005, 18:01
by swanee
Bottom of the <a href="" target=_blank" rel="nofollow">catalog page</a> there ex...

Unread postPosted: 20 Jun 2005, 22:05
by Roscoe
mohody the way can you elaborate more on the story of "Weed"?


PS I met Nort in Riyadh where he is apparently working as an advisor for the RSAF. Still drinks like a...

Re: Dos Gringos

Unread postPosted: 20 Jun 2005, 23:51
by falconmaintainer wrote:Chris "Snooze" Kurek and Rob "Trip" Raymond are Dos Gringos. They are two F-16 Viper Jocks singing the songs of this generation of fighter pilots. Click here for some useless information about Snooze.

Found that info off another site, added the website too.

RE: Dos Gringos

Unread postPosted: 21 Jun 2005, 00:12
by experimental_pilot
I like it. I want to buy a CD, the songs are longer right?
How many songs are one the CD?

Unread postPosted: 21 Jun 2005, 02:23
by flanker_hater

Dude, great songs, we've beem listening to them since the CD came out! Have you ever thought about getting the CD on iTunes? Might help you sell a few more CDs. Keep up the good work!

Unread postPosted: 21 Jun 2005, 05:44
by experimental_pilot
Hey Snooze,
When do you expect the next CD to come out with these songs?

- I Wish I Had a Gun Just Like the A-10
- Back in the LPA
- I Wanna Takeoff From a Carrier
- You Have to Be in the Guard to Say . . .
- Has Anybody Seen My Wingman?
- Going in For Guns
- 12 inch *****
- Bingo Over Baghdad
- The SOS song
- And everybody's new favorite, Shaved Dog's a$$

BTW, Im spreading the word on your CD.

Unread postPosted: 20 Aug 2005, 23:28
by adamgh81
yeah I can't wait for the new CD to come out!

Unread postPosted: 21 Aug 2005, 13:22
by Snooze
Right now I have just started the preliminary work in the studio. Trip is going to arrive Sept 16th and we will begin recording on the 17th. I don't have an exact date for the CD release, but I'm hoping to get it out by Christmas. If I get some good rough cuts or outtakes, I'll post them on our website.

Unread postPosted: 21 Aug 2005, 22:50
by parrothead
SNOOZE!!! Hey, thanks for comin' back! I've heard some samples from the first album and I think I'll have to pick it up pretty soon! Can't wait to hear disc 2 8) !

RE: Dos Gringos

Unread postPosted: 20 Oct 2005, 17:05
by Vypergrl
And to mohody - damn right maintainers are invited, don't see why not. "I'm a Pilot" was written for 'em. I hope the maintainers realize that song is us pilots poking fun at ourselves (sts). I've heard of some guys getting really peeved at that song.

Snooz, you guys are all the rage.......and speaking as a former F-16 Crew Dawg I LOVE the pilot song. One of my pilots, Chip Harrup, actually reminds me of that very same guy in the song....LOL. I gave him the call sign "twinkie" cause he looks like one, ROTFLMAO. Those were the days. :notworthy:
But now I'm in ROTC getting my degree and waiting for a pilot slot........and helping the "kids" here in ROTC cut their teeth on good AF music like what your band plays.
Thanks for the great music!

RE: Dos Gringos

Unread postPosted: 08 Dec 2005, 15:24
by maddog2840
to the tune of "ta ra ra boom de ay"

IT WAS A 105



anyone have more verses??

Unread postPosted: 20 Dec 2005, 05:28
by Snooze
It's finally out! If anyone wants a copy of our newest CD "2", go to our website

Unread postPosted: 20 Dec 2005, 08:59
by parrothead
Snooze - you can count on me ordering up a copy or two :thumb: !!! Dude, I just checked out the site - "Goin' in for Guns" is destined to be a classic for sure :lmao: ! I can't wait to hear the rest of "The Legend of Shaved Dog's @$$" - KEEP IT COMIN :D !!!

Unread postPosted: 20 Dec 2005, 12:10
by maddog2840
Does any one have all the lyrics to

Unread postPosted: 20 Dec 2005, 18:17
by sickpup
"Going in for Guns" damn near killed me... great work guys.

Unread postPosted: 20 Dec 2005, 20:19
by Rexxxx
Speaking of "Going in for Guns", if anyone is in the Buzzards at Aviano, PM me. We've got a video here in the Hounds that you may want to have regarding an inbound pilot and verse 4.

Unread postPosted: 27 Dec 2005, 07:33
by TenguNoHi
Snooze, one word, outstanding! Great job and keep up the good work. Love both CDs


Unread postPosted: 29 Nov 2006, 02:50
by Weasel_Keeper
Found this video made to the "Pilot Song" on YouTube. :)

Unread postPosted: 29 Nov 2006, 05:58
by Shaba
Dos Gringos...great job, guys! I was made aware of your music only recently and I quickly enjoyed it.

I hope to see you guys in concert someday.

Unread postPosted: 29 Nov 2006, 14:56
by serino
Is it really that bad being the Wingman?

Unread postPosted: 30 Nov 2006, 09:10
by parrothead
"Cause we're the wingmen and we bear all the shame
When Flight Lead screws the pooch you can guess who takes the blame..."

:lmao: !!!

Great job guys! That reminds me that I have to order a copy for a friend...

Of course, I just had to play "Jeremiah Weed" for my roommate when she tried the drink... She sure agrees that it tastes like *&^% :lol: !

Unread postPosted: 30 Nov 2006, 15:26
by Purplehaze
I have both CD's and they are great.......

Unread postPosted: 30 Nov 2006, 16:25
by J-Rad
I also bought both CD's off of iTunes. The lyrics are explicit but I still laugh my a$$ off. :lmao: I played it for a few guys that hadn't heard of them. They loved it! So, the word is still getting around.

Some of my favorites w/lines (in no particular order):

1. World War III (...But the bombing of the embassy in Moscow broke the ice. Now that was just an accident and it happened only twice...)

2. 2's Blind (...he gave me a 0 and I think it's clear that I earned 3. Because what he doesn't know, is that he's lucky to be alive. When I said I was visual, I was lying my a$$ off. I was blind...)

3. Jeremiah Weed (...the greatest fighter pilot that I ever did see, came in one day and took his place at the pi$$er next to me. I knew he was a killer, I could smell it when he peed...)

4, The Wingmen (...we're the Wingmen and we don't know a thing. If we were to think they'd have our a$$es in a sling...)

5. The Hound War Song (...the most beautiful girl that I did ever see. I dreamt that one day that I'd get inside her. I finally got my way. I ride her every day. She's the only for me...and she's the Viper!...)

6. Going in for Guns (...and only a big pu$$y would use the 2 fox one's, it's time to get medieval, I'm going in for guns...)

7. I Want To Takeoff From A Carrier ( never have a crosswind and you never have to flare. You got 4 f**kin' wires, how could you miss? I can't think of anything that's easier than this...)

8. S.O.S. (...they torture you with briefings 'til your will to live is gone. They take 5 weeks of your short life and flush it down the john...)

9. Heat's Not Gay (...we get asked a lot of questions, the one that we most hear - well, is he funny haha? or is he funny queer?...)

10. The Things I Love (...Tits. Tits. Yes, that's for me. I wish that every woman had 3...)

That's some kick a$$ stuff! Snooze and Trip: keep it up! (sts) :)

Unread postPosted: 07 Mar 2007, 08:31
by parrothead
Thanks to a big paycheck and my tax return, I was finally able to afford to order "2" :thumb: ! I have to thank a friend for ordering me my copy of Live at the Sand Trap :thanks: .

I still haven't quit laughing and I had a smile on my face all through my &^%$ day at work thanks to the new album 8) .

Thanks again to Stitch and Snooze for some great work :thumb: !

Unread postPosted: 21 Jun 2007, 14:58
by maddog2840

Unread postPosted: 26 Nov 2007, 16:53
by limas2004

Does anyone have the lyrics of "Heat's not gay" by Dos Gringos?


Unread postPosted: 27 Nov 2007, 00:38
by FlightDreamz
You can get the lyrics for "I'm a Pilot" at

Unread postPosted: 27 Nov 2007, 04:35
by asiatrails
Gums and others here are some old lyrics - For anyone who is easily offended or politically correct - read no further.

(Tune of: Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys- W. Jennings)
Broncos ain't easy to love, and they're hard to control.
And they'd like to frag MPC for the bullshit they're sold
Boom mikes and earplugs and forty pound map bags,
And prop beat that drives them insame.
If you don't understand them, and most Colonels don't,
You'll think that they're all a big pain.
Broncos like mix hags and oscar and small titted yobos,
Little kundingees and nurses and anything in sight.
Them that don't know 'em won't like 'em,
And them that do sometimes don't know how to take 'em.
They ain't wrong they're just different,
And their pride won't let 'em,
Forget that they once strapped on jets.
Mama don't let your babies grow up to be Broncos.
Don't let 'em shoot rockets and roll in on trucks,
Let 'em drive Phantoms, and Eagles, and Slufs.
Mama don't let your babies grow up to be Broncos.
They'll never stay sober, they're always hung over,
Even on Saturday Morn.

(Tune of: Red Neck Mother)
Well, he arrived at Osan Air Base,
His yobo's name was Mary Lou Thelma Kim.
He's not responsible for what he's doing,
Cause his commander made him what he is.
F is for the fighter I used to fly. -
A is for the acceleration 1 miss so much.
C is for the CAS missions with them there Juvats.
E is for earplugs.
R is for poopy suit RED NECK!
And it's up against the wall red neck facer,
Facer who has loved the plane so well.
It's, ten foot two and sittin' in a wonder arch.
Just flaming out and rusting all to hell.

(Tune of: El Paso)
Out in the West Korean town of Song-Tan Up,
I fell in love with a kimchi-breath girl.
Night time would find me in Aragon Alley,
Seeing if Miss Lee would give me a whirl.
One night a wild young Bronco came' in,
Wild as the west kimchi wi.........nd.
Dashing and daring, an Oscar was sharing,
With wicked Miss Lee, the girl I adore.
So in anger,
I challenged the right to the love of this virgin,
Down went his hands, and so did the whore.
My challenge was answered in less, than a
The Bronco was done and was ready for more.

(by Dick Jonas)
I'm a son of Satans Angels,
And I fly the F-4D.
All the way from the Hanoi Railroad Bridge,
To the DMZ
I'm one of old Hoot Gibson's Boys,
And mean as I can be,
I'm a son of Satan's Angels and I fly the F-4D.
There ain't a triple A gunner up there
That's anywhere near my class.
Cause I'm as mad as I can be
And I'm in for one more pass.
He hosed me down one time too much
And that one is his last.
And I looked back at where he was
Hey man ain't that a gas.
Hello Hanoi Hannah
Send your migs to meet their doom.
Flying 'em up and blast 'em off
Hoot's boys will be there soon.
I don't care if you are the gal
with a mouthful of silver spoons.
Cause I've got sidewinders on board
That'll home on an A3 plume.

(Tune - Wabash Gannon Ball)
Listen to the rumble, and hear old Merlin roar
I'm flying over Moji, like I never flew before
Hear the mighty rush of the slipstream and hear old Merlin roar
I'll wait a bit and say a prayer, and hope it gets me home".
"Itazuke Tower, This is Air Force-801,
I'm turning on the downwind leg,
My prop has overrun;
My coolant's overheated, the gage says 1-2-1
You'd better get the crash crew out
And get them on the run."
"Listen, Air Force 801, this is Itazuke Tower,
I cannot call the crash crew out,
This is their coffee hour;
You're not cleared in the pattern,
Now that is plain to see
So take it once around again, you're not a VIP.
"Itazuke Tower, this is Air Force 801,
I'm-turning on my final,
I'm running on one lung,
I'm gonna land this Mustang
No matter what you say,
I'm gonna get my charts squared up
Before that Judgment Day."
"Now listen Air Force 801, this is Itazuke Tower,
We'd like to let you in right now,
But we haven't got the power,
We'll send a note through channels
And wait for a reply,
Until we get permission back,
Just chase around the sky."
"Itazuke Tower, this is Air Force 801,
I'm up in Pilot's Heaven and
My flying days are done;
I'm sorry that I blew up,
I couldn't make the grade
I guess I should have waited till
The landing was okayed."

(Tune - Sioux City Sue)
I drove a herd of oxen down
Till I reached old Bong Chong Way
And there I met a gook girl
Who said she'd like to play
Her clothes were of a dirty blue
Her hands and feet were too
I asked her what her name was
She said, "Seoul City Sue."
Seoul City Sue, Seoul City Sue
Your hair is black, your eyes are too
I'd swap my honey cart for you
Seoul City Sue, Seoul City Sue
No one smells of Kimchee
Like my sweet Seoul City Sue
Oh, Korea, I must admit
I owe a lot to you
I came here from America
To find Seoul City Sue
Someday I'll take her back with me
And buy here perfumes too
So people can't be singing
"Here comes Seoul City Sue.'

Chestnuts roasting on a Thailand fire,
Bull frogs singing in the choir,
Samlars singing Ho,Ho,Ho
It's Melly Clismas you know.
Geicos clawing acloss the cold bare floor,
Flied lice cooking on the stove,
Tee locks kissing neath the mistie toe,
It's Melly Clismas you know.
Sweet lips waiting for my tender kiss,
Garlic breath gets in my way.
VC's roasting in a napalm fire
Melly Clismas Uncle Ho.
Cripples limping down a small side street,
Napalm rising at their feet,
I dropped it low, but they went too slow,
Melly Clismas Uncle Ho.
VC making love near a rice paddy,
Tee Locks eyes are all aglow,
Twenty mike mikes up his a$$,
Tee Lock screaming go,go,go.
Wolf Pack sends greetings from old Robin Olds,
Chappie joined him over there,
We'll carry on, the stars will be bright,
Over Ubon Rajachtani tonight....

On the first day of combat the Air Force gave to me...
A pilot in a teak tree
Two rocket pods
Three fuel tanks
Four AIM 9s
Five thousand pounders
Six seven-fifties
Ho Chi Minh gave to me...
Seven SAMs singing
Eight flak sites firing
Nine MIGs a diving
The Air Force gave to me...
Ten Sandys searching
Eleven choppers whirling
Twelve days a-waiting

Dear Mom, your son is dead, he bought the farm today,
he crashed his OV-10 on Kim II Sung's highway.
He made a rocket pass, and then, he busted his a$$.
He went across the fence to see what he could see,
and there it was, as plain as it could be.
There was a truck on the road, with a big heavy load.
He got right on the horn, and gave the DASC a call,
"Send me air, I've got a truck that's stalled."
The DASC said, "That's all.right, I'll send you Juvat Flight."
The Phantoms checked right in, Gunfighters two by two,
low on gas and tanker overdue.
They asked the FAC to mark, just where the truck was parked.
The Bronc, he rolled right in, with his smoke to mark,
exactly where that truck was parked.-
And the rest is in doubt, cause he never pulled out..
(This time with reverence)
Dear Mom, your son is dead, he bought the farm today,
he crashed his OV-lOon Kim II Sung's highway.
He made a rocket pass, and then he busted his a$$.
HIM, HIM, **** HIM!
How did he go? STRAIGHT IN!
Hell of a deal*. WHOOEE.!
*********, motherf****r, eat a bag of sh*t,
**** hair, douche bag, bite your Mother's tit.
We're the best'Fighter Squadron, all the others suck.
Bronco Fac, Bronco Fac, Rah, Rah, ****!

There's an upended glass on the table,
Down in front of a lone empty chair
Yesterday we were with him, today God be with him,
Forever,he is in your care

Unread postPosted: 07 Dec 2007, 06:46
by maddog2840
Coming Down On Final
(to the tune of "She was Coming 'Round The Mountain")

She was coming down on final
Doin' ninety knots of airspeed
When her engine mounted gearbox coupling failed

Oh, She laid in it in the over run
Her tits were kind of over done
She crashed and burned because she was a girl.

Unread postPosted: 08 Dec 2007, 20:14
by Maxtype
I just got 'Live At The Sand Trap' yesterday-I'm still laughing my butt off! :D

Well done Dos Gringos!

Unread postPosted: 16 Jan 2008, 05:13
by maddog2840
Q: What do Predator pilots sing at the Creech O-Club?
A: "Off, we used to go...into the Wild Blue Yonder".

Unread postPosted: 17 Jan 2008, 01:50
by asiatrails
maddog2840 wrote:Q: What do Predator pilots sing at the Creech O-Club?
A: "Off, we used to go...into the Wild Blue Yonder".

They don't sing, they mime to IPods

Unread postPosted: 17 Jan 2008, 05:20
by maddog2840

Unread postPosted: 23 Apr 2008, 19:54
by maddog2840



It was midnight, in Thailand,
All the aircrews were in bed.
When up stepped Colonel Seaver,
And this is what he said;
"Pilots, gentle Navs, Fighter Pilots all,
Switchblades, gentle Switchblades",
And all the pilots shouted: "BALLS!"
When up stepped a young PWSO,
With a voice as harsh as brass,
"You can take those GD Aardvark jets,
And shove them up your a$$!"


Up and down Nu Gia,
I know the route by rote.
The airplane's at two hundred feet,
My balls are in my throat.
The eighty-fives go flashing by,
They're bursting all around.
Don't make no f@#$ing difference,
I'll probably hit the ground.


I crossed the ridge at Xuan Son,
My airspeed it was high,
I looked out the window,
A seagull passed me by.
The seagull gave a grunt and sh*t,
The engine gave a wheeze,
"MayDay, MayDay, MayDay,
SOF's instructions please!"


I flashed across the target,
My bombs they did not go,
I looked at my right seater,
He said "F@#$ , I don't know!"
I racked her hard up and left,
And straight ahead we flew,
I cursed General Dynamics,
And f@#$ing Elmer's glue.


We cycled all our switches,
Reset my reference light,
The 'gator jumped into the scope,
He swore with all his might.
I did a hard one-eighty,
To try and save the mission,
The WSO threw his hands up high,
We don't have a prediction!


I flew my traffic pattern,
To me it looked all right.
My airspeed read one-fifty,
My God I racked it tight.
The airframe gave a shudder,
The engines gave a wheeze;
"MayDay, MayDay, MayDay,
Spin instructions please!"


I flew my cross-wind landing,
My left wing hit the ground,
I heard a call from mobile,
"Pull up and go around!"
I yanked that switchblade in the air,
A dozen feet or more,
The engines quit, I almost sh*t,
The gear came through the floor!


We got the bird back to the ramp,
Or what was left of it,
The crew chief took one look at it,
My God I thought he'd sh*t,
I'll never fly switchblades again,
This flight will be my last.
I checked tomorrow's schedule,
I'm set to double blast!


Unread postPosted: 23 Apr 2008, 20:09
by maddog2840
maddog2840 wrote:Does any one have all the lyrics to

I'm an RBAAB and I fly the F-16
It's better than ***** and mom's apple pie
It's the neatest little jet you ever seen
It'll kick the sh*t outta Foxbat, Fishbed, Flogger

What a flying machine

I'm an RBAAB and I fly the F-16

I once trapped at six a Fox-Five-Echo
At seventeen-thousand feet
And he was loaded with twenty-millimeter
And Aim-nine J and P
I just laid a bat-turn down his throat
And I shot him in the two front teeth
And I heard him shout from the fireball
"Curse you! I just can't stand the heat!"

. . .So I told him to get the hell outta my kitchen. . .

(The CHORUS I remember...)

I'm an RBAAB and I fly the F-16
It's better than the
Fishbed, Foxbar, Flogger
And it's better than the F-15

Unread postPosted: 29 Apr 2008, 19:37
Check this funny video on YOUTUBE.

Makes me think about Dos Gringos crewchief song.

For those of you who do not know, New Zealand does not have jets any more.

Unread postPosted: 02 May 2008, 23:14
by VarkVet
Funny as hell … put him together with Borat and Ricky Bobby, and we have an Oscar!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :thumb:

Unread postPosted: 03 May 2008, 02:34
by VarkVet wrote:Check this funny video on YOUTUBE.

Makes me think about Dos Gringos crewchief song.

For those of you who do not know, New Zealand does not have jets any more.

I'm sorry, I'm still laughing ... how clever :lmao:

Unread postPosted: 19 Nov 2008, 06:40
by maddog2840
Hello Ashau Tower

Thud Song

Thunder Thud Song

The Sandy Cannonball

Downtown (Hanoi)

Silver Wings. Hey Yutes, try and picture every airplane mentioned. Good Luck.

Maddog out.

Unread postPosted: 25 Dec 2008, 00:05
by VarkVet
I/m still laughing ,,, funny as hell

RE: Dos Gringos

Unread postPosted: 27 Feb 2009, 05:30
by thegreekness
Snooze: you did "Ima pilot"? that was one of the funniest things i've ever seen! much props

Unread postPosted: 12 Nov 2013, 15:06
by maddog2840
Here it is but I remember a different tune. ... _rbaab.htm