Question for you guys - Girlfriend moves to FS

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First of all, thanks for letting me into your community to ask for some honest advice. I'm a civilian and my girlfriend is a Intel Officer.

We've been dating for over a year. Well her orders shipped her overseas.

She's been there awhile and it was a challenge with the time difference, but it's still been really good. But now? Well, she got moved into the intel office at the fighter squadron!!! She's going to be the only female in the fighter squadron building. And now she's telling me how she feels she should attend parties there and drinking games and rituals, in order for them to "accept" her into the squadron. She was told that to be an effective intel officer you have to gain the respect and social relationship with the pilots.

So, my question to those of you that are pilots, or have worked with pilots or in a squadron. Does it seem like she is in for a full year of each guy "making a run at her" or does it seem unrealistic that nothing will happen between her and some of the guys? I've been told fighter pilots play hard and party harder. But if they learn early she's not interested will they move on to other options?

What advice or insight do you have for me? I understand each person is different. I guess I'm just looking into some insight of the atmosphere of a fighter squadron office.



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If she wants to be left alone, she will be. If she doesn't want to drink, she doesn't have to. As long as she has a plan and a wingman she can fully trust then she'll be fine. In the current SAPR climate of the AF she shouldn't have any issues with not "trying to fit in." PM me if you need more details.

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