Flight Hours in Military Flight schools

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Hello, can anyone in this forum share their knowledge on how much flight hours on average, a student pilot can accumulate in Military flight schools before receiving their wings?

-Also, how many flight hours does it take on average to be qualified on a platform like an F-16 etc ?

-Thanks in advance !


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Rough numbers..
If you go through the T-38 track, its about 180 hours.
If you go through the T-1 track, around 250-270.

As for the F-16 (which I've never qual'd in), it depends what you mean by "qualified". New Lieutenants fly it around 5 times dual before they get qualified to fly it solo, under the supervision of an instructor.

They still fly it for about 5 more months at the FTU before graduating, and heading to their operational squadron.

Once there, they still need to get "checked out" in the local mission, and be a fully certified "mission qualified" pilot.

If I see any of my F-16 friends today, I'll ask them, and update the info on here.

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