Best/Worst TDY location

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FalconRed wrote:i have to chime in with this one. the best ever was alittle place called Erdek Turkey. best time in my life hands down. that was in 99 or Allied Force we flew out of bandirma ab turkey. stayed in four star turkish hotels beer was cheap and and the per diem was awesome. only flew twice in 30 days. ah yes those where the days. anybody else there during that time!!!

We flew twice?

I have the Operation Allied Vacation tshirt :D


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Best was with the 496th TFS at Pferdsfeld AB in Germany. Hahn's runway was closed for repairs and I spent three of the best months of my life there. We flew and worked hard for four days a week and had a half day on Friday. We played the second part of the day. No work on weekends. And we got paid daily per diem, but we were home in our own beds every night. Anyone remember the food and beer on Friday afternoons?

The really fun part was working side by side with our German counterparts. The B's flew a lot with a German pilots in the back seat. One day on the first launch, one of our pilots took a German pilot up. After they landed, they walked over to his F-4F and our pilot climbed into the back seat. Our pilot who's dad had flown F-4's and wanted to fly Phantoms, but got a 16 assignment, got his chance to fly in his childhood dream.

Did I mention the food and beer? :beer:

Worst was at Amarillo International Airport on a hot weekend in July. We sat at the end of the runway with a B-52D as part of a SAC exercise. Did I mention hot? Plus it's Amarillo! We did make a trip to the Big Texan for steak...

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