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[NOTE TO ADMINISTRATORS]I am well aware that there are already many threads on this subject, trust me I've been looking into this for a while. The problem I've ran into is that most of them are very old, and often get off topic or feature many pages of posts without much relevant information.[/NOTE TO ADMINISTRATORS]

I apologize in advance for the length of this first post, but I think you will find it useful and informative. I want to make a one-stop-shop that stays on topic and offers clear and concise information.

Let me start by listing a few "knowns" for the sake of expediency in this thread. If anyone has any information either confirming or denying any of this, please post it here with a brief explanation of your source of information, or a reference (link, regulation, policy letter, etc.) as to avoid spreading rumors as many of the previous threads have:
  • The Air Force Fixed Wing Qualification Course has been cnx due to budget cuts
  • Unless you have an age waiver, you must be in UPT by the age of 30
  • If you are an Army Warrant Officer, you must attend OTS
  • Army SERE C certificates are valid in the Air Force
  • You must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree
  • You can transfer your rotary qualifications and bypass UPT if you plan on flying helicopters in the Air Force
  • The Air Force does not recognize Army Fixed Wing Qualification
  • The Reserve boards are held bi-annually in November and June
  • It usually takes 6-9 months for an application to the Guard or Reserves to be processed before one can expect to be able to attend any training. It also requires being re-processed at MEPS.
Now let me go over some information that I have heard, and would like to have confirmed and expanded on. I'm sure everyone would appreciate links and references to these as well, since the details about these topics are elusive:
  • Through the use of a DD Form 368, a service member in the Army can be released from their obligation early, in order to transfer to another branch:
  • The National Guard can grant UPT age waivers up to the age of 33 if certain conditions are met.
  • The age limit to apply for active duty Air Force (normally 28) does not apply to prior service, but all other age limits do and are typically not waiverable.
  • As of this posting, the Air Force does not offer any Green-to-Blue program as it has in the past to expedite the process
I think everyone can agree that success stories are always welcome, so please post them here! I've met 2 people already who have made this leap, and I have gotten as much info from them as I could. I have heard of many others. I hope that at the very least, this first post has helped to save a lot of time for some of those who have just begun to look into the subject.

I suppose it would also be helpful to provide a little info on myself:
I'm currently a CW2 AH-64D Pilot in the Active Duty Army. I turn 30 in February of 2016, and my current service obligation ends in July of 2017 (hence the extensive amount of research I've had to do on the subject). I will be finished with my degree and AFOQT by the end of this year.

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