Questions about the USAFR ART world

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So I did my active time, and I've been doing the TR thing down at homestead since. I've since landed a good non-usaf gig I enjoy, but I still miss working the jets (not all the AD baggage, though). The chief down there wants me to try out the ART world full time, and I've been considering it. I wanted some feedback from those that have been in it for a bit, though.

For one, everyone down there during the week is 36-2903 all the time. Is this going on everywhere? Seems like if I have to don the uniform and compulsively look at everyone's shoulder everywhere I go, I'm halfway to AD again. And I'm hearing that the ART world is slowly dissolving, too.

And how's mobility in the reserve/ART world? I'm down here in florida, but eventually my wife and I want to get back up north, NC/VA area. Is it pretty easy to move around in this gig, or more stagnant?

Anyway, I'm new to the reserve world, and I'm still adjusting. I really dig the work, and I would love to do it full time civvie and part time military if given the choice.




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I am a recently hired art in the 301st FW at Carswell. As for being "36-2903" all week, yes it is a requirement to wear the uniform as per AFRC/local union agreements at each wing. You are civilian status during the week, but in uniform required to wear it properly and render all customs/courtesies.

Since many reserve units are gaining active-associate units (we will have one here 2012) the mandate to wear the uniform is part of the total-force initiative, it could cause problems if you have active duty folks on the flightline working the same jets as you and you are in civilian clothes and might have to supervise them...that is part of the case for the uniform. As for the ART world going away, my opinion it is not. AFRC gets more bang for the bug, as an ART you are paid less than your military rank (less base pay, no BAH/BAS to pay) and you have to pay part of your health insurance, so from a financial perspective the government gets a deal on labor.

Once in, you can transfer to other units if they have a job, you are qualified and more importantly get hired. There is a reserve associate unit at Seymour-Johnson that maintains F-15Es.

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