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I'm currently stationed at Hurlburt working in the 18th FLTS. Seems to be a nobody knows about job working test for AFSOC on the CV-22 end. My situation here is a bit more complex as there was someone else here in my AFSC and the squadron was allowed to double billet. Thing is the other position working primaraly on the CV is no prefix X-coded (flight crew), and according to the AFECD, the closest thing to our AFSC that is X-codeable is 2A371. Now what confounds me about this is F-15, A-10, U-2 doesn't have a need for a flying enlisted member (but I didn't think 2A372 did either), where my AFSC does have a need for this with the CV-22 test mission. Now looking at AFECD, 2A372 can be Prefix C-Coded (flying crew chief) but you need one year on the air frame.
Here's my question. Who should I go about going to about changing this. My commander is aware of the situation and him and my Sup are looking in to it, but this is an addition to my job, so I'm getting personal with it. The situation I'm in with being double billeted has placed me into a flight where I will do tests on ALL AFSOC air frames, and the position I'm in is X-Coded. With out my AFSC lining up just right (seriously...F-15 Avionics can fly but F-16/CV-22 can't?), I'm being held back off a lot of tests that are required.
I'm not complaining that I can't fly...well I am, but it because I can do so much more with my job here if I'm able to. Does anyone know any waivers for this, what channels to go through. The AFECD and AFI 36-2101 don't say much of anything on waivers or changes. I'm hoping some old hat out there can send some help this way.

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