Need advice from fighter pilots!

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Hello, this is my first post and I'm really looking for some help. I'm a SSgt in the Air Force as a COMM (radio) guy but I am laser focused on becoming a fighter pilot.

I'm earning my BS in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle (one more year of school). I have a 4.0 GPA. Have 20/15 vision (PRK surgery corrected). Passed all AF PT tests with a 94% average. Will be attending the local aero club to get some flight hours under my belt (hoping to get PPL but money will determine that). 25 years old. Solid EPR track record and highly supported by command/supervision to pursue commission and rated slot.

My first base was Mountain Home and I really wished I had asked more questions to the local pilots there. I'm now at Travis (AMC base) and the heavies’ pilots here just roll there eyes at me when I mention fighters. No help.

I'm really hoping to meet an AF fighter pilot or two on here that wouldn't mind me emailing them once and awhile with questions and could give me some tips. I know it’s not easy to get a fighter seat and I’m ready to do the necessary work but I could really use some advice from folks who have already been there.






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If you want to be a fighter pilot and you're definitely going to take A-levels, then I would suggest going for Physics and Maths as a must. I'm sure that there are other useful ones as well. If you've got flying experience then it will certainly stand you in good stead. My grandfather was a pilot in WWII and when I was younger I used to dream about flying daring raids over Germany like in the stories he told me and my brother. Being a fighter pilot would be an excellent experience for you and I wish you luck. Make sure you don't get too tall though - the cockpit isn't big enough for people who are any taller than around 6ft 1inch (Something like that anyway)


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reecehiggins wrote:Make sure you don't get too tall though - the cockpit isn't big enough for people who are any taller than around 6ft 1inch (Something like that anyway)

That was true in the past, but I have known F-16 pilots who were 6'6"

My concern is that the AF may not consider the degree technical enough. When I was at Riddle AFROTC would not accept the Aeronautical Science degree, they wanted one of the Engineering degrees.

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Don't sweat the flying if you are tight on funds. IFT/UPT will teach you everything you need to know and you'll leave UPT with the ability to get a commercial license. Finish strong on your chosen degree, any accredited degree will do.

Since you're a year out get yourself an AFOQT study book, get comfortable with it and then schedule with an officer recruiter (don't trust ANYTHING they say) to take the tests. Following that they'll send you to take the BAT which is like a video game. Also, when filling out the AF Form 56 don't put anything other than pilot. The AF needs WSOs and ABMs too so you don't want to get pigeonholed to a job you don't want (don't let the recruiter talk you into listing them as alternates). You can begin the process now and by the time you're approved and get an OTS class date you'll be done with college.

PM me if you need any additional info.

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