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Secret Squirrel news. ... force-says

Maintainers Fix F-22 Weapons System Issue, Air Force Says

U.S. Air Force mechanics resolved an unspecified “in-flight weapons system maintenance issue” on the F-22 Raptor that affected its radar cross section, the service announced. The “innovative solution” cost much less than replacing the system and reduced maintenance down time, allowing student pilots to resume flying the fifth-generation fighter.

In an article the Air Force news service published on November 15, the service described the weapons-system issue as a “re-occurring problem with one of the jets” that had persisted for a few months. Left unfixed, the problem would have made the jet more vulnerable to detection by enemy aircraft and radars.

“It took us about two days and several people overall to finally nail it down,” said Senior Airman Samuel Privett, a weapons load crew member with the 43rd Aircraft Maintenance Unit at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. “We have a fabrication machine in the shop that allowed us to create what we needed. We were able to fix the problem ourselves without having to send the jet off to the depot for maintenance.”

Replacing the affected system would have cost $40,000 to $50,000; the in-house fix cost $250 and saved more than 200 hours in labor and lost flight time, the Air Force said. “We were able to isolate the malfunction that had been eluding us for quite some time,” said Master Sgt. David Riddle, the 43rd AMU weapons flight chief.
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Let's give the person(s) who found this fix some credit!

Would be a nice way of rewarding such work...


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100$ Jeremy Clarkson fixed it with a hammer!



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Maybe Trump will take credit for saving the taxpayers money.

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