AN/APG-77 detection range

Anything goes, as long as it is about the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
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zero-one wrote:
wewuzkangz wrote:RCS of 1 at 400km oh come on Wiki even states that it is from an unconfirmed sources. Australia airforce net shows a lesser range than that.

whenever reading APA, you need to be very careful.
he usually uses terms like
"estimated to be", "expected to be", "seems to be", "most likely", "probably".

This means that he has no actual data and is simply doing a wild guess based on his opinion.

I still can't get over how he compares the combat Thrust to weight ratio of the F-35 and Su-30, theyr're actually roughly equal with the F-35A having a slight advantage. But he extends the Su-30's T/W ratio by using AL-37 engines. News flash the AL-37 is just an Experimental derivative for the Su-37 demo plane.

See what he did there?

Only wiki shows range 400km against 1m2, if you got something share it, thanks

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