F-22 vs Rafale dogfight results - French souce

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geokav wrote:
The difference between analog FBW and digital FBW in blk50 and above, is the delay of the activation of the AoA limiter.
This gives the blk30 pilot an advantage of positioning the nose of the aircraft quicker and sharper. This has an effect only in aerial combat, as the analog FBW has other restrictions than the digital FBW...

Digital FLCS was Block 40/42.

Who said they noticed the difference in that regard?




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basher54321 wrote:Digital FLCS was Block 40/42.

Who said they noticed the difference in that regard?

Yes, my mistake. Digital FLCS from blk 40/42 and above.



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Whatever which one won -or not- this fight (and i am one of those who releawed the video), it is not intended to say any of these planes is superior to the other one (last slide i had added).
It is just a nice video that shows two exceedingly agile planes fighting.
Btw, official results were 1-0-6 (1 victory for F-22, 0 for Rafale, 6 draws). Fox 2 were not accounted for. These results simply show how these two planes, in very different manners, are "hot potatoes" in BFM.

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