Objective comparison of F-22's and the T-50's aerodynamics?

Anything goes, as long as it is about the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
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Unread post24 Jul 2018, 11:06

wrightwing wrote:Larger control surfaces, higher T/W ratio.

Thats what I thought. But I'm having a hard time finding the dimensions for both. If you have some I'd really appreciate it.

This is also why I find the 39,600 pound empty weight for the Su-57 a little dubious. I reckon it should weigh a little higher than that.

Militaryfactory.com has it slightly higher at 40,700+ lbs.
but the F-22 on that site weighs just 31,900 lbs so I'm skeptical
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Just have to say it. (I apologize if this was said earlier, not reading all 14 pages - "It's not that i'm lazy Bob, I just don't care.")

I'd say the F-22 is easily about 19.5 times more effective aerodynamically than a T-50, since 19.5x more Raptors were produced... just sayin'... :doh:

This is about as relevant as comparing the combat characteristics of the X-29 to the Su-47, or the MiG Project 1.44 to the Northrop YF-23.

How about the missile intercept kinematics comparison of "Super-Phantom" with PW1120 engines versus the J-79, and thus being able to super-cruise. I mean who doesn't want a Phantom that can super-cruise!?!

Kidding aside, 'prototype' or 'experimental' aircraft may extend technologies for other programs, but in combat nobody cares.

:roll: TEG

PS - I always hoped for an F-16X Viper powered by the F100-PW-232 w/PYBB Nozzle, but that never happened either.... They would have eaten Su-47s for breakfast WVR!
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Unread post25 Jul 2018, 04:44

I think people should Google what "objective" means.
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