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F-16 M61A1 "MIL-COMM" Gun Lubricants Soon Available Again

Unread postPosted: 18 May 2018, 19:37
by jet-fighter-gun-support
It's been 17 months, but crew-favorite TW25B and MC3000 synthetic weaponry lubricants are being reauthorized and re-introduced for use on the F-16 M61A1 gun system. These two MIL-COMM products have been mainstays of M61A1 maintenance for more than 15 years. AF testing has demonstrated them to be the optimal lubricant materials for maintaining the performance, reliability and longevity of the M61A1 platform. Look for new IOS from AFMC once again approving the use of TW25B and MC3000 as qualified alternatives used with customary, appropriate safety measures.