Jordanian F16 pilot survives crash in Saudi’s Najran

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Unread post26 Feb 2017, 20:50

Jordanian F16 pilot survives crash in Saudi’s Najran
25 Feb 2017 Valerie Insinna

"A Jordanian F16 fighter jet commander survived a crash that occurred on Friday in Saudi Arabia’s Najran, a military source from the Jordanian armed forces reported.

The source reported that the pilot, Adnan Naim Abdulaziz Nabbas, was flying the jet – which is part of the Arab coalition – when it crashed inside Saudi Arabia. The pilot was unharmed and will return to Jordan this evening."

Source: ... is-najran/

And a video of Houthis claiming to be with the debris from the shot down Jordanian F-16 in Najran:

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Unread post27 Feb 2017, 07:49

Seems to be only the 370 gallon fuel tanks with pylon?

The Viper can punch of the fuel tanks in an emergency, and when this is done the pylon goes with it - to me this is what this depicts; the dropped fuel tanks.
But that doesn't make a wreckage....


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Those idiots in the video make me laugh. They are celebrating over drop tanks. For all we know they got those from scrap metal and claim to find them in the ground. :mrgreen:

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