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Ladies and gents,

Was looking at the interservice transfer pubs for both Navy and AF. Anybody seen active duty transitions from Navy to Air Force with MSR left on the table? My understanding is that as long as DON is willing to release and DOAF is willing to receive it shouldn’t be too hard. I am also under the impression that MSR is a DOD commitment and can be served in any branch. True or false? I am a rated Navy Pilot with about 4 years left on an 8 year MSR. I am trying to go Air Force Fighters. If anybody has any SA on it I’d be glad to buy the beers. Thanks for looking.


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I applaud your enthusiasm, and I wish you the best of luck with Millington. My guess is that they will say hell no. Based on your timing, sounds like you are probably in your first sea tour at the moment. If so, have you considered putting down for PEP on your JO slate? That could be a possible "gateway" if you will towards finding someone in dark blue to sponsor you in a few years after your MSR expires. Are you a VFA guy? If you are, I'd say your chances of leaving USN AD early are slim to none......I'm sure you have an understanding of how dire our manning is getting at the DH level. Right now, you are a potential DH to BUPERS, even if you might not want to be. For them to give you an exit door before they legally have to seems pretty unlikely to me. Most of the IST's I have known were USN AD to ANG, or in a couple cases USN AD to USAF AD U-2's, and those were all executed post initial MSR. Beyond that specific and fairly long standing program, I'm not aware of any other standing AD to AD IST programs. That isn't to say that there aren't any, I just am not aware of any to point you in the direction of.

There are a bunch of other considerations to chat about, but PM would probably be a better forum for that.

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