Avionics Technicians/Weapons Loaders

So you want to be a Viper driver, mechanic, loader, avionics technician...? Here you will learn that you will need education, hard work and steadfast dedication.
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Operator wrote:I too am not here to stir up trouble but the fact remains Specs do handle more than anyone else on the jet. And we spend more time on the flightline than weapons. Spend a day on the flightline and you'll see this. I've been to Cannon AFB, Osan AB, and Luke AFB and it's all the same. Now does that mean Weapons doesn't work and their job is simple. No by all means!!!!!!! But take into account some facts. You need higher ASVAB scores to get into Avionics and that's for a reason. Our tech school is is also alot longer. We spend 2 months learning Electronic Principles and then 5 months learning Avionics. When it comes to the flightline I've often been sent out to help weapons troubleshoot wiring. Why because they weren't trained to the extent that I was in wiring/troubleshooting. Once again thats not putting them down thats just how the training goes. Avionics is tied into just about every facet of the aircraft. While weapons is more isolated. Do both enjoy their jobs. Yes. Do both require smarts and training. Yes. It's just that one requires a bit more and thus we are trained and prepared for that.

No, you don't spend more time on the flight line than other flight line folks. And i had to deal with my share of not-so swift avionics technicians. You need to get over yourself.

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