General chances for UPT through AFROTC

Unread postPosted: 04 Feb 2014, 19:21
by cullensch
Are the chances of receiving a pilot slot through AFROTC really as low as they seem? I did some research on the internet and I found a statistic that there are around 1000 UPT slots given out every year. Historically, half are given to the Academy, and the rest are given to OTS and ROTC. The majority of that is given to ROTC, so I'd guess AFROTC gets 250-400 UPT slots per year nationwide. There are around 1100 colleges that offer AFROTC. That means that on average, there is 1 pilot slot for ever 3 or 4 AFROTC detachments. Those are not some pretty numbers. I was wondering what type of people are generally in AFROTC and how they compare to the general college population. If they have a normal intelligence distribution, I feel that I have a fighting chance for a slot, but if I am in a class full of geniuses I don't think I will be competitive enough for a slot. AFROTC alumni, how would you describe the competition? Could a dedicated person with just above average intelligence have a fighting chance for a slot? Also, I plan on graduating from college in 2021. Will the environment and trend of pilot slots have changed greatly by then?

On another topic, what is the difficulty level of the AFOQT and other required testing? Normally I do far above nation, state, and school averages (school is notable because I go to the #250 public school in the nation) in standardized testing? I know many people trying to get into the field are very very smart. Is the test tailored to them or the average joe?

Also, can anybody recommend a prestigious AFROTC detachment to look at? I have heard good things about Embry-Riddle's program and plan on applying to that college, are there any others you would recommend? Apologies for the long post and battery of questions.

Re: General chances for UPT through AFROTC

Unread postPosted: 26 Feb 2014, 20:34
by tjodalv43
Its' been a while since I was there, but I feel like 1 slot per 3-4 ROTC detachments is low-balling it. I don't think you need to worry about being in a "class full of geniuses." Dedication beats out a less dedicated smart person, IMO. 2021 is a long way away, there's no telling. AFOQT is not hard and there are study guides that will make it very easy, I wouldn't sweat it. Prestigious ROTC Detachment is somewhat of an oxymoron, ha. Embry Riddle does have a big detachment, as do any of the senior military academies. Just remember at a place like that though, the people pursuing a pilot slot might be higher per-capita than a smaller detachment at a smaller school.