So you want to be a Viper driver, mechanic, loader, avionics technician...? Here you will learn that you will need education, hard work and steadfast dedication.
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Okay just graduated with B.A. ( non tech major) GPA 3.59. I am applying to ANG this summer but if I don't get selected, I am wondering if I should do ROTC while doing my Masters. Already got accepted for that program. Or I can try OTS but I hear its all bad with a non tech major.


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mrgrey, I'd apply to any/all comissioning sources that you'd be willing to go through if accepted. I've flown fighters with education majors, history majors, english majors, etc. It can be done, through any of the comissioning sources you listed. All they can say is 'no' if they don't like your degree. My 2-pennies.




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Its too late to do ROTC. With very few exceptions (JAG, Med) the program no longer accepts students with B.A.s anymore. The latest you could've joined to be considered would've been as a Junior. We had a few cadets commission last year that were in the process of working on their masters, but they were already in the program when they graduated college.

I would say apply to OTS, and if that doesn't work out start applying to as many ANG units as you can.

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