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What are my chances ?

Unread postPosted: 20 Mar 2013, 04:09
by surajjohn29
I am a senior in university, I've always wanted to fly and i was wondering what are chances. I have a bachelors in Biology and I am going to medical school soon. I know there is a position called "flight surgeon". What are my chances that the airforce will select me ? I wear glasses and used to have child asthma. Will the airforce even consider my application if I wanted to join flight school. What are the tests I need to take for that ? I apologize if my questions are absurd or stupid.

P.S : I am very proficient at mathematics and physics , will that help at all ?


RE: What are my chances ?

Unread postPosted: 20 Mar 2013, 08:01
by neurotech
"Flight Surgeons" are medical doctors who are specially qualified to medically certify flight crew for flight. Very few hold a military "pilot" rating or are mission qualified WSOs. Some flight surgeons have a limited rating to ride in the back seat on training flights, others are basically passengers for the occasional incentive ride.

If you vision is correctable to 20/20 with laser surgery, then it could be possible to get a waiver for a pilot rating. I would still apply before you finish medical school, because chances are by the time you finish medical school, you'd be too old for Undergraduate Pilot Training.