AFOQT scores are in, any tips?

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Hey guys,

So I'm new to the forums, but I've seen a lot of good information on here. Figured I'd give it a shot to get some opinions. I took the AFOQT a couple weeks ago and received my scores the other day. I'm currently active-duty enlisted and I'm trying to get a pilot slot through OTS - I still have to take the TBAS, so I'm hoping that helps a bit, plus flying hours I've gotten (I plan on flying more between now and the deadline) to calculate into the PCSM score.

Anyway, my scores are:

Pilot - 68
Nav - 70
Acad Apt - 73
Verbal - 82
Quantitative - 58

I understand these aren't fantastic scores, but I also understand the application board examines the "whole-person concept" and that the selection process varies based on Air Force needs. So, even though there's no way to know unless someone's on a board, I'd still like to get an opinion on whether or not my scores are decent. What do you guys think?[/i]

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