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Unread postPosted: 17 Apr 2009, 14:42
by skyhigh
ROCAF F-16A pilots may have the skill to knock down PLAAF J-11Bs, but it's either easy or hard, depending on the skill of the ChiCom pilots (watch out for the elite PLAAF squadrons).

Unread postPosted: 14 Jul 2009, 13:39
by DarkDuke
Clearly concerning the maneuverability, Su-27 is really surpass F-16.

Unread postPosted: 15 Jul 2009, 04:13
by sprstdlyscottsmn
okay so you are showing a 9-G chart for two non-9G (under combat conditions) aircraft and comparing the results to a true 9G aircraft. The F-15 was known for it maneuverability, yes, but it was its SUSTAINED turn performance that came from it extreamely high thrust and low wing loading. The F-16 is known for being the first 9-G fighter, with lessons learned from the F-15 that allow it to mainatain a 9-G turn and lose speed less rapidly than even an F-15, forget about the heavy Sukhoi. In a sub-400 knot sea level 2 heater only 3/4 tank of gas turnbing fight the Su might, MIGHT, get a great initial turn rate, but it will soon slow down and its turn will too. As for the chart, there is no source so its validity comes into question. I used to make charts like that years ago, and my older charts will tell you that the F-14B was the best dogfighter ever, which its not. Sukhois are very maneuverable for what they are, a long range interceptor. Nothing that weighs in at 30 tons with no weapons is a true dogfighter.

Unread postPosted: 19 Jul 2009, 07:54
by F16guy

Your graph says Su-27 vs F-15 not F-16. Next, having actually seen the graphs used to compare jets,...this one is not accurate for either aircraft mentioned in the title, no matter what you think...did this come from your copy of a Russian flight simulator product.

Lastly, your english translator is good but still it is not entirely correct.

Unread postPosted: 07 Nov 2009, 18:20
by callsignthumper