F-16 versus Mig-31

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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Ok, I'm new to the site. Really don't a large amount about a lot of these aircraft, far more than the average joe, but next to nothing compared to most of you. I can name the plane from the pics, it's usually armament, sometimes engine specs, where it operates, what it's good for, who made it, etc, but nothing too specific like radar systems, etc.

This is one I didn't see, and was curious. Small agile aircraft vs a large high speed aircraft. Which would come out on top? F-16 or Mig-31. If the F-16 too agile for the Mig, or is the Mig too fast for the 16.

If this one has been answered before, go ahead and forget it.

Although if you wanna get weird, I'd like to see how a YF-12 (had it gone into production) would have matched up to the Mig-31, more of an apples to apples comparison (unless my ignorance is showing through and I seriously missed something)




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First of all, welcome:)

Secondly, nowadays radar systems and avionics as well as weapons are much more vital than the aircraft's parameters.

I think it depends on the Mig's version. If it's basic MiG-31 or MiG-31B, Falcon wouldn't have much trouble - even the F-16C Block 30/40 no-AESA. This is because of the fact that MiG's R-33 (NATO AA-9) missile would have trouble with maneuvering Falcon. However, if it was MiG-31M with much more improved radar, and R-77 AMRAMMski missiles, I don't really know who would win, but the range of 31's modernized radar is really great, and I think it would be fair fight between MiG-31M and F-16E/F.

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