F-16C versus AFTI/F-16 or F-16 LOAN

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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I wonder how the standard Viper would fare against one of its experimental variants. I think both the LOAN and AFTI would fly circles against the baseline Viper.
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The VISTA F-16 with MATV (Multi Axis Thrust-Vectoring) nozzel already did, way back in 1994. Here's an article chronicling the tactical evaluation of the F-16 MATV by the 422nd TES at Nellis AFB back then:

http://www.codeonemagazine.com/archives ... 2a_94.html

Also, in case you haven't seen this yet, a short video of the F-16 MATV performing the "Cobra" maneuver and sustaining high AOA beyond the 26 degrees:


In a nutshell, in the WVR arena, the MATV F-16 makes the already lethal F-16 even more effective than a standard F-16.

An interesting sidenote. Colonel Jay Pearsall was one of the pilots that tactically evaluated the F-16 MATV with the 422nd back in 1994 as shown in the article. Now, he is the commander of the 192nd FW of the Virginia Air National Guard. His wing is now moving onto Langley AFB, VA and will be transitioning from the F-16 to the F-22A Raptor and the first Raptor ANG unit. Lessons learned from the F-16 MATV was incorporated into the Raptor. Col. Pearsall should be pleased that some of the work done in the MATV has shown up in his eventual new ride, the F-22A. I personally think he will be more than pleased that the Raptor more than surpasses it.
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why didn't they put the MATV into production? money issues?

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