Aerobatic Battle

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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Heya, I?m new here,

I was just wondering, if one compares ONLY the performance and maneuverability of the F-16 and the MiG-29, who would come out the champ? Like an aerobatics contest thing. I?d just like to know which fighter has the better DESIGN fit for ?sky-dancing?. I?m kinda in a project discussing the aerodynamics of jetfighters and would really appreciate the help. Thanx guys!

Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, i'm kinda in a hurry to get feedback. :wink:




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What model off MIG-29 and F-16 are we talking about?

MiG-29A against the latest F-16s aren't an even match the F-16 would rape the Mig-29, but a MiG-29M is a real beast and it could put off a good fight agienst a F-16C/D. :D

But this have been disused twice before :wink:

But notice I am not saying that the Mig-29 is better then the F-16 :wink: so people don't flame me to death.


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That's a tough one, both the Mig-29 and the F-16 are very agile fighters, but I think that the F-16 is still slightly more maneuverable.




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And I think that MiG-29A is better than F-16A/B and more maneuverable than F-16A/B. Viper cannot perform, for example the "hook", "ring", or "cobra" figures which available well-skilled Fulcrum's pilot to evade older versions of Doppler radars.

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Unread post26 Feb 2005, 15:12

I agree with Malin here - no need for Yet Another MiG-29 vs. F-16 topic. Please continue this discussion in the topics mentioned by Malin.

Shaboinkers, have a look at those two topics - they already contain a lot of insightful information and should answer moest of your questions.

PS: please do a search before starting a new topic!

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