F-16C/D/E/F vs Su-27SM/Su-30MK?/J-11/Su-33

Unread postPosted: 16 Aug 2012, 13:36
by jayraptor
Greetings fellow military fans, I'm new here. Based on real world scenario, the F-16 will more likely face the Flankers more than a MIG based on the countries in Asia, South America and Mid-East that are competing with their respective neighbors. Statistics show:

1) NATO and countries friendly towards US mostly fly the F-16 as it is combat proven with good air to air and air to ground capability yet affordable. Large spare parts availability, easy maintenance, fuel consumption is less than F/A-18 and F-15. Ground attack role especially in search and destroy is good with the F-16's LANTIRN + AGM-65 Mavericks & LGB bombs. Forget about GPS bombs and missiles as smaller and poorer countries can't afford to have spy satellites over enemy territory. When comes to war, aircrafts would fly strike missions more than air to air. Also, newer blocks have much improved RWR, especially when being tracked from the front.

2) The neighboring countries that are less friendly or neutral towards US would opt for either Su-27SM, Su-30MK or Su-33. MIGs especially Mig-29 is bogged down by bad record in combat and in terms or reliability, engine lifespan of only 10 years and would require total overhaul or entire engine replaced. Also, the Mig-29 consumes more fuel than the heavier F/A-18C/D/E/F. Buyers would rather go for more expensive Su-30MK series instead that is now top on shoppers list and it comes with promotional package + additional upgrades to fit western avionics and compatibility to use US and EU weapons.

When there's Su-30MK, they'll forgo the more advanced & expensive Su-35BM. Just like cars, when there's BMW 525i, why bother to go for M5 when you are not that rich.

The F-16 if it is inferior, ever wonder why China would panic and get so mad till threaten to use nuke whenever US attempts to sell Taiwan F-16C/D Block 50/52? Reason being that it is combat proven with effective BVR air to air & air to ground weapons. Its terrain mapping radar, ground search & track and LANTIRN pod allows the F-16 to stop the invading forces?

RE: F-16C/D/E/F vs Su-27SM/Su-30MK?/J-11/Su-33

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by jayraptor
As expected this thread will be quiet as F-15/16/18 already considered obsolete. But how many countries besides US could really buy the F-35s in bulk especially the generation 2 stealth layers have to imported directly from Lockheed Martin based in US? Even NATO countries are buying the F-35s in small number for dangerous deep interdiction mission rather than CAS, CAP, etc. Too expensive to repair and too heartache to loose one. $70million excluding maintenance alone could actually help many people in the country, even to develop rural areas creating jobs for the people. Since there is no cheaper conventional low RCS variant of the F-35, this means we will still buy old F-15/16/18, Rafale, EF2000, Su-27SM/30/35BM.

Since everyone only talks about stealth, TVC and long range missiles better, anyone would like to comment on RWR? Is there such thing as radar incorporated RWR since AESA and PESA radars claimed that they could even detect and track missiles? If there is, does it mean it could help the RWR to display incoming missiles especially IR & passive radar guided on the RWR MFD? The new SU-30MK seems no longer use the traditional Russian RWR but having fancy RWR like US type.

The old traditional Russian RWR only indicates the direction of the active radar but not showing the distance like US RWR that displays direction and position. Effective and good RWR could really help the pilot survive allowing him to prepare maneuvers like turning inside missiles and over missiles while spoofing and jamming? Any old school folks here nowadays or missiles today are already that effective that such evasive maneuver no longer works?

If any of you really have the luck to own a country and happen to have unfriendly hostile neighbor that could not stop until you're dead, more likely your primary fleet will still be conventional fighters. So RWR is important to you especially when you need to fly SEAD, CAP, CAS, etc. Anytime, your enemy would fire something at you.

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by southernphantom
Do you even know how the GPS constellation works??

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by 1st503rdsgt
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1st503rdsgt wrote:Dude, he's been banned. Someone should make one of these for us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVQ2QU9kglo

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